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ould not be surprising in the least. Ive always been very partial to Chan-wook Parks Oldboy. I often label it as my favorite movie of all time. It seemed to be a turning point in my movie-watching activities and my love for an exceptionally executed twist really took off. Not only did it make me a fan of the Korean director for life, but Min-sik Choi and Ji-tae Yu became names and actors I kept a very close eye on in the years to come. Oldboy contains one of the greatest twists in cinematic history, an incredible one-shot hallway fight sequence, makes you look at hammers in a completely different light, and even includes a man eating a live octopus. These sorts of elements make it really difficult to believe an American remake could ever ful asics cumulus ly come to fruition. Oldboy is one of the few films Ive ever double-dipped on (I own the three-disc collectors edition and the DVD set of The Vengeance Trilogy) and may even manage to triple dip as I have yet to see it on Blu-ray. Somehow or another Ive also never reviewed it, which is something I hop onitsuka tigers e to correct this year sometime. Oldboy is beautifully shot, downright disturbing at times, and at the very lea japan asics st one of the most memorable movies youll ever see.
The Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks theater has begun a new monthly series called East Meets West Oaks where they showcase one of the best Asian action films to hit the big screen in the last decade. The awesome part is itll be shown in 35mm. Oldboy is the film theyve chosen for the month of January. While this is extremely short notice, the film will be shown tonight at 6:30pm. Tickets are only $9. Oldboy is one film Ive always wanted to see on the big screen and its a shame I wont be able to attend this, but you still can. This is one of those films you have to see as films like Oldboy dont come around all that often. If you have a free night on your hands and enjoy Asian cinema, then I highly recommend seeing Oldboy. Well, thats a lie. I think you see it anyway, but go see it the way it was meant to be seen. Go on now! Im sick of looking at ya! Stop reading and get outta here!
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