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Friday Night Lights DVDMovie Friday Night Lig mens onitsuka tiger hts, bas

onitsuka tiger.com< asics tiger shoes womens /h3> ed on the book by H. G. Bissinger, tells the real life story of a small west Texas town’s 1988 run for the football state championship. The story takes place in Odessa, where life seems to revolve around the high school football program. For some, Frid

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ay night football games appear to be the only means of escape from their regular jobs and lives, and for others it is a connection to their glory days of high school.
Lights gives the rest of the country a window into Texas football. Rather than portray the football players as “big men on campus,” the filmmakers actually showed them as scared young kids being forced into the spotlight.
The filmmakers did not go for the young Hollywood marquee actors. They hired a bunch of regular looking kids to portray the football players. Country singer Tim McGraw did a tremendous job a onitsuka mexico s an abusive alcoholic father who ultimately tries to redeem himself. Billy Bob Thornton played it perfectly down the middle showing both the love and frustration that comes with a high-profile position such as a head coach. Peter Berg did a fabulous job directing. He made the film intentionally gritty, which drew you into the story with an almost home video feel.
The ending was both anti-cliché and anti-Hollywood. Not only does the football season end in surprise at the state championship, but the follow-up blurbs about the character’s lives are a serious dose of reality television.
Even non sports fans will take something away from this character-driven movie. Whether it be nostalgia for high school, or goals you had long forgotten, people you lost touch with, or accomplishments you never congratulated yourself on. This was more sad than happy but had an underlying inspirational feel to it.